There are four core aspects of a numerology reading — the LifePath number, the Expression Number, the Heart’s Desire Number and the Destiny Number

The LifePath Number

Your LifePath Number is calculated using the birthdate of an individual. The date must be written out in long form using all of the digits, such as 03/09/1971.

This number is one of the most utilized readings in numerology because it is the fastest and the easiest to calculate. The LifePath number describes an individual’s journey through life and what that person can hope to accomplish in life. Although this may be one of the most popular numerology readings, it does not offer a full numerology reading. Interestingly, readings that look into all four core elements do not offer a full reading. Those four numbers alone do not incorporate the special numerology challenges that should be analyzed in order to change what might otherwise be the fate of that person.

The LifePath Number is the sum of the entire birth date and represents who that person was when they were born along with the extent of their potential and limitations in terms of emotions, spirituality and physical abilities.

The LifePath number is broadly accepted in numerology, for example, that someone with the number three (such as our example) may be born with amazing abilities and talents, but will likely experience difficulties in maintaining relationships due to the fact that they focus so much attention on their career. Does this mean that a person with a LifePath number of three could not find true love? Not at all, because it would be possible for that person to learn to overcome their limitations.

The Expression Number

The Expression Number is taken from all of the numbers of your full name at birth. It should be noted we do not use person’s married name or their nickname for this calculation. This must be exactly the name that the person was given at birth, including any and all of the middle names.

Your Expression number offers a look at your physical and mental constitution, as well as the orientation or goals in your life. Some numerologists refer to this number as the Destiny number, because it represents a lifelong goal at which you are trying to attain. You work at fulfilling this potential every day of your life. So the Expression number reveals your inner goals, or in other words, the person you aim to be.

This number can be daunting to some people because they may feel as though these are goals they can’t ever achieve during their lifetime. They may often experience disappointment because they have not attained those ideals. The benefit of this number is that it can reveal an individual’s potential to them and show them what would be possible for them to achieve. Someone unable to fulfill the ideals of the Expression Numbe may feel depressed or unfulfilled, regardless of how much success they may have attained in life.

The Heart’s Desire Number

The Heart’s Desire Number, often called the Soul Urge Number, often  is attained using the vowels of the full name at birth. This number describes the values and ethics of who an individual truly is. This is the most spiritual reading that can be performed. It can often be quite revealing because it shows the inner desires of a person.

The Karmic Number

Also called the Karmic Lesson Number is calculated using the reduction of the consonants of the full name. This number refers to the hopes and fantasies of a person as well as their secret fears. This number can also be used to reveal how others may view a person the first time they meet them, or opposing forces in one’s life.

For example, a Karmic number 6 will have issues committing to anything. This is true of relationships but also work projects or maybe even a career. This person will come across as uncaring or emotionless, and will need to let people see their range of emotions and be more demonstrative. A 6 might often feel alone even if they have people around them who care about them. A Karmic number 6 needs to learn how to be sincere and communicate their feelings more effectively. Life will throw many opportunities to learn this lesson at a 6.  This person will learn how important it is to have friends and confidants and how fulfilling a lasting, committed relationship can be. They will learn the concepts of giving and self-sacrifice. There are few things that are more difficult to learn but also few that are of greater value.