IMG_0321My name is John and I’m an experienced Numerologist helping you to discover your life’s inner magic and full potential with Numerology. You will learn that Numerology is the symbolic language of numbers, and a divine system which combines numbers and names to show us much about our lives, our relationships, and how we relate to the world around us.  Your numbers, derived from your name and date of birth, can help you to discover many answers in life. My goal as a Numerologist is to help you find your magic, by helping you to see and open to your unlimited potential through all the numbers in your life

So only with your full name (as stated on your birth certificate), the name you currently use (if different from your birth name) and your date of birth we painstakingly, and in great detail, calculate your Numerology Profile to provide you with amazing information about your destiny, talents and skills, your personality, the deep desires of your heart, the path of your life, the lessons you are here to learn in different periods of your life, through what challenges these lessons will arise, what career you should follow in order your talents and skills to develop and many other things…. Through Numerology we can also predict various situations and when it is the right moment  to begin a project, or make changes in your life.

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